Ljubiša Bojić

Ljubisa Bojic is a communication scientist, futurologist, and author of the paper The Metaverse through the prism of power and addiction: What will happen when the virtual world becomes more attractive than reality? and a monograph, Culture Organism or Techno-Feudalism: How Growing Addictions and Artificial Intelligence Shape Contemporary Society. Bojic received his Ph.D. from the University of Lyon II, France in 2013 and is currently a senior research fellow at the Digital Society Lab, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, at the University of Belgrade, senior research fellow at The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, senior research fellow at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna, researcher for AI at the United Nations Development Programme and visiting fellow of the Institute for Human Sciences Vienna (IWM). He has written more than 50 scientific papers, some of them published in leading journals, such as the European Journal of Futures Research and Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research. Bojic is appointed to the United Nations Environment Programme Foresight Expert Panel by UNEP’s Chief Scientist Andrea Hinwood. He was a member of a Serbian government work group dedicated to developing ethical standards for artificial intelligence. Bojic is associate editor of Springer’s journal Humanities & Social Sciences Communications and serves as an executive board member on Horizon’s Project 2022 TWin of Online Social Networks Project. He is the founder of EMERGE: Forum on the Future of AI Driven Humanity and the initiator of the Belgrade Digital Freedom Pledge intended to stimulate widespread conversations about recognizing recommender systems as a public good and digital identity as a human right. The current focus of Bojic’s work is the development of global AI policies and the alignment of AI with human values and wellbeing. He is frequently invited by the media to comment on the latest developments in AI from the perspective of digital humanism. Bojic speaks at universities and events across the world about his latest research.