Lana Ciboci Perša

Lana Ciboci Perša is an assistant professor at the Department of Communication Studies at the Catholic University of Croatia. She teaches as an external associate at several higher education institutions (Faculty of Croatian Studies, Faculty of Teacher Education, and Edward Bernays Polytechnic). She is the vice president of the Association for Communication and Media Culture, a civil society association dedicated to the informal media education of children, parents, teachers, and professional associates. Together with her associates, she is coordinating the project Djeca medija, the most significant media education project in Croatia, with more than 1600 workshops held for 42.000 participants in Croatia. This project was awarded in 2017 with the Evens Foundation Special Jury Prize for a media education project. She was president of the Field Committee for Social Sciences of the Council of Polytechnics of the Republic of Croatia for two years. As a member of the Commission, she participated in the initial accreditation and re-accreditation of several domestic and foreign higher education institutions.
In research and scientific work, she is particularly interested in the relationship between the media and children and media and digital literacy. She is the national coordinator of the EU Kids Online Network, the largest international network of scientists dealing with children’s safety on the Internet. She is the manager of the project “Critical Analysis of Disinformation on Religious Topics”, financed by the European Union through the measure of the National Resistance and Resilience Plan. Lana also leads the Croatian team of the international project A Systemic APProach to social media and preadolescents through thinking skills education, which brings together partners from Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia. She is a collaborator on the international projects TeaMLit Teacher education in digital and media literacy: providing guidance, resources, and support and the ALGOWATCH project, whose primary goal is to educate the general public about algorithms and artificial intelligence to raise the digital competencies of the general public – from children to older people. Lana is the co-author of several professional publications dedicated to the impact of the Internet and new technologies on children, primarily intended for teachers and parents. She is an associate member of the Scientific Council for Education of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.